Sanitised Christianity

Friday, 26 October 2012

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Christians are called to help people in need.  The simple fact: we are getting it wrong when it comes to carrying this out.  We go up to a person and tell them: 'you need God' - yes, maybe the person does need God, but first and foremost they need our love, compassion, and help!  Jesus didn't go around telling people 'mate, you need God.  I'm going to convert you now'.  No!  He first met their need, then he revealed who God was through himself.  In the church today Christianity has become a sanitised Sunday-morning affair - we go on a Sunday morning, we attend bible study, but see a poor person on the street?  Nah, not my sort of thing.  Someone else can help him.  Friends, when we see a need, we need to meet it.  That is what Christians are called to do.  That is what the kingdom of God is about.  First and foremost, we need to learn to love God.  Then loving our neighbours will come naturally...


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